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Tar and Chip

Surface dressing also known as Tar and Chip is a traditional surfacing method and our specialty here at Norfolk premium driveways which involves spraying hot K170 bitumen emulsion or Polymer modified k190 bitumen, via tanker spray unit directly over a deteriorated asphalt concrete or road plain surface. Then, either washed 6-10mm gravel or granite chippings are broadcast over the hot liquefied bitumen, forming a complete coat of aggregate. The newly laid surface is then consolidated with a steel drum roller the give it an eye catching finish.

Benefits of Tar and Chip

Substantially increases the longevity of a deteriorating asphalt or tarmac surface.
Anti-slip extremely abrasive
The price is much cheaper than any other surfacing system.
Norfolk premium drives can lay up to 4 thousand square meters in a single site visit.
Aesthetically pleasing – The overall look is natural, proving to be most popular in rural areas.
Can be used as an affordable fix to spruce up a tired looking driveway or roadway.
Several colours to choose from including granite and golden gravel.
Easy to repair – Areas can show signs of wear especially in turning arks, these areas can be easily reinstated by simply cleaning of surplus material and reapplying a new layer of surface dressing.